Staying in Touch with the Lenovo Yoga

I am constantly going here and there, working on my blog, answering and sending emails, staying in touch with friends, family, teachers, the world, and so much more. I hate to admit that I’m constantly glued to devices, mostly my computer. With the Lenovo Yoga, I’m able to take all my work and personal needs […]

CBD Changes Lives

As a very touchy subject, I want to make sure to clarify that I do NOT condone the illegal use of any substances. I am not promoting illegal activities. Medical marijuana/CBD has been a constant debate for a long while, and everyone will have their own opinions. These opinions are my own. Please use good […]

Spoil Her With Housewares from Wild Eye Designs

Starting my mornings off with a nice cup of coffee is important to me. I like to wake up before the kids, have my coffee in silence before I have to play referee, chauffeur, shopper, maid and more. What else do I enjoy? Nice things in my kitchen, such as beautiful wine glasses and beer […]

Mother’s Day in Hollywood

Twenty-five of Hollywood’s famous moms will be pampered with an amazing assortment of gifts in this years Mother’s Day in Hollywood from Distinctive Assets. Distinctive Assets is an LA-based entertainment marketing company that brought the idea of celebrity swag to the public. This year’s Mother’s Day in Hollywood bag will include a variety of products […]

Life is Always Better When You Can See

My vision hasn’t always been the greatest, but it seems to have gone downhill since I’ve gotten older and had kids. Now I struggle to do things without my glasses, including sitting here writing this post. This lovely pair of eyeglasses from are perfect for me. It goes well with different outfits, and is my prescription! […]