Media Kit


I currently offer the following services: 


Here at Rice, Whiskey and a Minivan, I would love to review products, services and sites on my blog. I offer high quality photos that I take myself, as well as an extensive review of the product, service, and/or site in detail. I give the pros and cons and offer my honest opinion. I also include links to the products, sites, and social media. Included with reviews are social media shares on all of the platforms I participate in. All links are no-follow, and all reviews and links follow the FTC guidelines. See below for more information:

Guidelines for Reviews:
  • I give my honest opinion, links to site, product, and social media, and share my review on all of my social media accounts.
  • I ask that all products are full sized, and equal to no less than $25 (not including shipping.) Multiple products may be offered if products are lower than $25. (exceptions are made for subscription boxes, multiple shipments over a series of months, etc).
  • Sponsor is responsible for shipping the item. Items will NOT be returned.
  • I ask for 2-3 weeks after receiving item(s) for the review to be posted. This deadline is from the time I receive the item, not the time of shipment.
  • I will not take compensation to fix or remove a review. My readers come to me for honesty.
  • If the product is received damaged, or any issues arise during the 2-3 weeks before the review, I will contact you directly in order to fix the issues. If no resolution is offered, I reserve the right to leave a negative review, or cancel the review.
  • I will not pay for shipping. If offering a coupon code, it should include shipping as well. I will not take reimbursement for shipping or product cost.
  • I do not review items that require shipping to be paid, or for dollar/percentage off. Items are to be free of charge to me and considered as payment for advertising.
  • My reviews are FREE of charge.

The gift of å giveaway:

Readers love giveaways. It brings engagement from all over, and word spreads like wildfire. I love hosting giveaways, and my readers love entering them. They are a great way to boost social media and page views and get the word out about your product! Word-of-mouth is one of the most popular ways to get known and heard! I post the giveaway in with the review, and it is picked using There is no fee for a giveaway if accompanied by a review. For more information, see the guidelines below:

Guidelines for Giveaways:
  • All giveaways require a Facebook visit. Other options can include Twitter follow, Pinterest follow, Linkedin, Tweeting, Instagram, etc.
  • All giveaways are shared on all of my social media platforms. I would love for them to be shared on your’s as well if possible.
  • Sponsor is responsible for shipping item(s) to the winner(s). Any extra items shipped directly to Rice, Whiskey and a Minivan will be donated to a local charity. I will not ship item(s) to winner(s).
  • Rice, Whiskey and a Minivan is NOT responsible for lost or damaged prizes. I will, however, get in contact with the sponsor and try for a resolution on behalf of the winner. I will NOT give company emails to winners for them to contact.
  • Facebook and giveaway programs no longer allow for Facebook likes to be part of giveaways, so I can ask for a visit but not a like.

Advertising on my site:

I offer limited banner space on the sidebar of Rice, Whiskey and a Minivan. I require payment upfront, prices are negotiable. Paypal is the preferred form of payment. If you’d like to discuss advertisement on my site, please email me at or using the contact form.


$75 for pre-written post.

$100 for personalize post (written by me.)

$50 for ad space on sidebar

These are just an example of some of the services I offer. I am willing to discuss media events, event coverage, restaurant reviews, service reviews, ambassadorships and more if you contact me. I am super flexible and would love to hear any ideas you have!


Contact me at or using the contact form below.