Destiny 2 Joins Alexa and a Free Trial

I’m a gamer. I have no shame. I love escaping into the imagination of video game worlds, letting reality go for a bit. I’ve found the Destiny series is a lot of fun for both myself and my hubby. We can play together, working together. The graphics of Destiny 2 is absolutely stunning. From the […]

Olga’s Kitchen Celebrates Easy Dinners for Back to School

With fall here, school is back in session and many kids are participating in sports and other extra curricular activities. While all of this is going on, it’s hard to find time to make dinner, especially something for those picky eaters and providing healthy full options for on the go quickly. With Olga’s Kitchen, meal […]

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Wisp The Dirt Away

I’ll admit, I am constantly losing my dust pan, mostly to kids who like to use it as a hot wheels ramp. And bending over to hold it is a hassle, especially when I’m fighting with kids to stay out of the kitchen so I can sweep is such a pain. With the Wisp I don’t […]

Spoil Yourself with Trixi’s Treasures

Taking an everyday item like cereal and nuts, throw a special combination dust at it, and what do you get? Trixi’s Treasures! Adding snack mixes to an Easter basket can be a great option rather than toys, and can be healthier than regular candy. With Trixi’s Treasures, you can have the best of both worlds […]