Getting Messy with Soft Soap

My kids, like normal kids, are messy. Very messy. And with messy kids, come messy projects. I like to do these messy projects outside to reduce the amount of mess inside. We spent the day outside, not only did we go swimming in the lake, but we made fun things out of playdoh. From teddy bears […]

Be Bold, Be YOU with AXE

With the newest line from AXE, called YOU, with the spicy cinnamon and amber woods scents, men can be bold again. With the YOU deodorant, spray and body wash, my guys smell a mix of woodsy yet homey with a bit of fresh. This musky line will leave every guy smelling great and leaving them […]

Life is Always Better When You Can See

My vision hasn’t always been the greatest, but it seems to have gone downhill since I’ve gotten older and had kids. Now I struggle to do things without my glasses, including sitting here writing this post. This lovely pair of eyeglasses from are perfect for me. It goes well with different outfits, and is my prescription! […]

Make Your Summer Impressionable with JustFashionNow + Giveaway

With summer comes cookouts, concerts, outings, events and even some holidays such as Mother’s Day and the 4th of July. I enjoy looking nice for these holidays, as well as when we head out for outings. With JustFashionNow, I can dress to impress without breaking my piggy bank. With a variety of clothing, from swimsuits […]