12″ Green Earth Frying Pan by Ozeri Pan

It’s no secret that we love to cook. Making a homemade family meal is important to us for many reasons. We put so much love and care into our meals, and it shows. We sit down together and eat as well. One thing we agree on is the fact that we need a decent non-stick […]

Circle B Ranch Pork Review

From the Missouri Ozarks to my doorstep, fresh pork is something Circle B Ranch is proud to serve and deliver. Their 200-acre farm is located here in the US, in Seymour, MO. This unique ranch provides a safe, 100% pasture, humane and all-natural home to breed, farrow and raise 100% Heritage Pork. They pride themselves […]

Crab Lo Mein with Nasoya Shirataki Noodles

We got to try some new noodles that we’d never experienced before. Nasoya’s Shirataki noodles. I’m quite impressed with them for the most part. After getting over the earthy smell that went away once we rinsed them really well. They have a plain taste alone but once we mixed them in with the lo mein mixture, […]

Is This A Tomato Pizza or What?

This dish really has no name that I know of. Maybe we can call it Tomato Pizza! It’s rather easy to make, and very delicious! It only takes a few minutes and hardly any effort. My mother in law introduced this to me and now we love it!