Destiny 2 Joins Alexa and a Free Trial

I’m a gamer. I have no shame. I love escaping into the imagination of video game worlds, letting reality go for a bit. I’ve found the Destiny series is a lot of fun for both myself and my hubby. We can play together, working together.

Image result for destiny 2 box artThe graphics of Destiny 2 is absolutely stunning. From the spacial scenes, to the fight scenes, to the beautiful landscapes, there’s so much to see. Exploring the land and the buildings, there’s a never ending game for everyone.

There’s jumping puzzle areas, shooting, exploring, crafting, PvP, and social aspects to the game. You can play alone through the missions, or as a team through the Crucible. You can pull your friends along for missions, or team up with random people in the game. There’s also side missions that you’ll come across and find others doing it as well.

While I love the game, I was less than thrilled with the download process of Destiny 2. It took entirely way too long to download and install. I noticed the download stalled at the “initializing” step, and I turned to google. I ran into a very common problem. The only way to solve said problem was to do a work around which took even longer and was extremely frustrating. But, in the end, it’s downloaded, and I’m really enjoying the game!

A lot of gamers love using Alexa for many things such as dimming the lights while they play, turning on music, and more. Well now those Alexa gamers can also ask her who is online while playing Destiny 2, or request backup, or get suggestions on what to do next. Alexa can help Destiny 2 players with many different interactions.

The first expansion for Destiny 2 is coming out in just 4 more days, on December 5! For $34.99 you can add so much to your Destiny 2 experience through 2 expansions.

And for some more great news regarding Destiny 2, you can now download the free trial! You can play up to level 7, try out all 3 characters – Titan, Warlock and Hunter, play with friends through new worlds, play some multiplayer, or go off on your own.

Image result for destiny 2 free trial

Check out the Destiny 2 trial trailer.


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