When Your Family Needs a New Vehicle #spon #ad

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Transporting 5 kids along with 2 adults can prove to be rather difficult sometimes, but what’s even more difficult is finding a vehicle that’s good for a budget, big enough for everyone and suitable for a short person to drive.

When beginning the search for a new vehicle, you should start off with doing research. Finding out the details of each make, model, year and price of cars can help narrow down your options. For example, I need something with at least 7 seats, easy to access 3rd row, and with our most recent vehicle search, we wanted a SUV and not a minivan, preferably newer than 2002 as that’s when the LATCH system was put in all vehicles. Our most recent purchase was the Ford Flex, which we spent years looking at, researching, watching the prices and checking out size for car seats and elbow room.

Sidenote: I recently found out Cars.com has three certified child passenger safety technicians that write up information on car seat safety on their website as well as do car seat checks and installs as well as events in the Chicago area. Check out their car seat safety and make sure your child’s seat is installed correctly.

Checking out Cars.com proved to be rather helpful, as it provides a vast selection of information. What I love most were the video and reviews feature, which supplied me with people’s real opinions, not sugar coated, including the bad. I’ve found that people are going to give you the complete honest rundown, whether it was a bad purchase or perfect purchase. I also love the “What We Like,” “What We Don’t Like,’ and “Notable Features” sections. I can get a brief rundown of the pros and cons without having to search a bunch of different websites. I love that they include the Safety Ratings as well as recalls too.

Checking out various dealers, including dealerships and private sellers, can be of huge benefit. After narrowing down your options to a few, or even just one, you’ll have a better chance of finding your perfect car if you price around, search everywhere. You’ll see what prices are base, and you’ll be able to identify when a price is too good to be true, making sure you get quality.

Make sure you check the number of miles before purchasing. The more miles, the more wear and tear, and the price should reflect that. Knowing what price range and what mileage you’re looking for will benefit you in the end, and let the seller know you know what you’re talking about.

You want the seller to know you’ve done your research. Research is key to them knowing you’re educated on your purchase. You do not want to be taken advantage of, and unfortunately that happens more times than it should now a days. Know the value and worth of the vehicle you’re looking at. If you’re unsure or uneasy about a sale, or it seems too good to be true, step back, sleep on it, go home and do more research. You want to be confident in your purchase. If you need to, have someone you trust, a family member or friend, come along to aid in a purchase, or in shopping around. Try not to make a purchase on a whim or last minute. Don’t rush!

Check with your bank and/or insurance company if you’re getting a loan to see if they offer any discounts for purchasing from certain dealerships. Also, price around for loans as well. You can get a pre-approval before shopping around which can give you an idea on the highest price, as well as monthly payment, and help in your research.

Don’t settle! You can find the perfect vehicle for your family if you do your research. Follow these steps and you’ll save money and have the right car. Know your stuff, and take your time when shopping. Car shopping can be rather stressful, but with these steps you’ll find it can be less stressful and not put a giant hole in your pocket. Good luck and happy car shopping!


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