Taking Happy Family Back to School

School is back in session, and snack time and sports trips requires delicious healthy snacks, preferably something that I can grab and go, that doesn’t have a lot of sugars, and tastes good. Fresh fruit is hard to pack to go when it’s cut up and turns brown.

With Happy Family Foods, there’s no worries about what my kids are eating. Happy Family Foods strives to add probiotics and age-appropriate nutrition to each and every product. From things like chia and plant-based DHA

to choline, they encourage kids to eat delicious foods, while getting the nutrition they need. Their mission is to provide safe, organic and nutritious foods.


With the variety of delicious snacks, from Banana Chocolate bars to pouches of creamy delicious apple, spinach, sweet potato and kiwi, they offer flavors for everyone. The delicious varieties are perfect for every kid, and make a great snack for hurrying to Tae Kwon Do after school.


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