Getting Messy with Soft Soap

My kids, like normal kids, are messy. Very messy. And with messy kids, come messy projects. I like to do these messy projects outside to reduce the amount of mess inside.

We spent the day outside, not only did we go swimming in the lake, but we made fun things out of playdoh. From

teddy bears to hearts to fish to dinosaurs and more, we had fun. But playdoh is dirty, especially when outside.

That’s where I turn to SoftSoap. With the newest Soft Soap line, we’re safe to play and get dirty before lunch!

SoftSoap’s new hand wash line including lotion not only smells great, but it makes my hands feel nice and soft

after each wash, rather than drying them out. The one thing I noticed about the soaps is that I have to really wash as it leaves a residue and is very creamy and filmy on my hands. But that’s the lotion working!


I feel safe washing hands with Soft Soap, safe enough to make lunch and eat after a big mess outside. With Soft Soap, our hands are clean!



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