Minnie’s Happy Helpers on DVD

Minnie Mouse has always been a big household hit, especially in our house. My kids love Minnie and her big bow adventures. They love dancing like her.

With Minnie’s Happy Helpers, my kids have raced around Hot Dog Hills helping all their friends with little jobs.

They’ve learned that any job, no matter how big or small, can be done if they work together as Happy Helpers.

From babysitting an egg that’s about to hatch to fixing a bridge so they can make it to a tea party, they’ve had so much fun watching and helping all their friends.

What’s even better is they’ve learned that they can help around our house, and our friends and family houses as Happy Helpers. From helping fill dirt into Nana’s garden to putting groceries away to putting laundry away and more, they’ve learned that being Happy Helpers can be real, not just in a movie with Minnie.

Pick up your copy of Minnie’s Happy Helpers (released July 25, 2017) and includes a really nice customizable Happy Helpers chart! This movie makes a great stocking stuffer for the upcoming holidays or a great birthday gift.

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