Wisp The Dirt Away

I’ll admit, I am constantly losing my dust pan, mostly to kids who like to use it as a hot wheels ramp. And bending over to hold it is a hassle, especially when I’m fighting with kids to stay out of the kitchen so I can sweep is such a pain.

With the Wisp I don’t have to worry about losing my dust pan! Also, bending over isn’t necessary.

The angle of the Wisp is absolutely perfect, even for my shortness. I can sweep without hurting my already painful back. The handle is even telescopic so I can make it short or long for anyone’s use. It’s super easy to use, even for the kiddos.

The electrostatic bristles pick up so much. I find it sweeps up more than normal brooms and cloths. It’s been an amazing addition to my household cleaning routine.

The Wisp is built perfectly for one handed use! It cleans around things and under things with no issues as it’s thin and short.

The dustpan is ergonomic! I had never even thought a dustpan could be, but it is. It’s easy to step on, making a great seal against the floor for one handed sweeping into the pan without straining your back and having to move the dustpan a bunch of times.

The hanging hook makes it easy to store too. The dustpan connects to the broom head, and then hangs inside the hook. It fits easily behind things or on walls. The entire setup is thin so its easy to store just about anywhere, even behind doors or in closets.

The Wisp can be found on Amazon, Bed, Bath & Beyond and on their store. Check out the Wisp today.


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