Be Bold, Be YOU with AXE

With the newest line from AXE, called YOU, with the spicy cinnamon and amber woods scents, men can be bold again.

With the YOU deodorant, spray and body wash, my guys smell a mix of woodsy yet homey with a bit of fresh. This musky line will leave every guy smelling great and leaving them confident for the day or night.

With 3 stinky boys in my house, having a good body wash and deodorant is very important. My oldest, Aiden, refers to his manly supplies as his “man kit,” making him feel confident and smelling great every day. That is, when he remembers to put deodorant on and shower daily.

Living on a lake, we’re constantly in the water during the warm months. With the AXE YOU body wash, the boys get extra clean, and smell great too. It washes the lake germs off very well.

The deodorant and spray keep them smelling great and their sweaty pits from stinking up my house.

Check out the AXE YOU line at your local retailers. Stock up and have your guys smelling great for back to school! It will be here before you know it! Keep them smelling great all summer, or throw some AXE YOU products in a gift bag or basket for Father’s Day!

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