Riwbox X7 Headphones Review

From listening to music and shows while taking a few minutes to myself after the kids go to sleep, to having calls and video chats with friends and family, it’s always good to have a good set of headphones.  I spend a lot of time at night catching up on my shows with the lights off and want to keep from waking everyone with the noise, so I’ll prop up my laptop, put in my headphones and enjoy the peace, usually while sneaking ice cream or even dinner so no one is awake to steal anything from my plate.

With the Riwbox X7 headphones, I can have quality conversations as well as clear sounding shows and movies. The ear pieces on these headphones are quite comfortable. They come with 3 different size rubberized pieces, as well as a rubber extension that can wrap around the ear, and a clip to keep the cord from dangling.

The sound is really clear and quality. I can hear and the people on the other end can hear me without issues. The microphone also has a volume switch as well as a call answering button which works quite wonderfully. I can also play the last or next song using the same button, which I’ve found to be quite confusing sometimes as I forget to double or triple click and end up calling someone by accident.

The volume doesn’t get very high on the Riwbox headphones, which I guess can be a benefit for some. But when I’m surrounded by 5 screaming kids, and have my headphones in, I’d like to be able to turn them up loudly.

I’m not fond of the cord its self as it’s rubber coating tends to stick to its self and makes it tangle too easily. But it is supposed to be sweat proof, which I have not tested yet.

All in all, these are a great, quality headphones that fit comfortably and are a great budget-friendly set.

You can find these headphones on Amazon for around $11.18.


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