BalmShot – the Perfect Shot for Your Lips

Have you ever had a lip balm turn into a mess in your pocket because the disk base spun and smashed the contents into the lid? I have! Too many times. Did you know one in five Americans will develop skin cancer, with 0.6% of those cancers being lip cancer. (source)

BalmShot was invented and founded in 2010 by Wayne S Forrey. Forrey contracted lip cancer in 1983 due to his outdoor lifestyle and frequent sunburned lips. After lip reconstruction surgery, he turned to lip balm to moisturize his lips, but found the main stream lip balm dispensers to be less than helpful, leaving messes after the disk would spin in his pockets. After finding numerous complaints of the same issue, Forrey turned to his garage and invented BalmShot with a tighter fitting cap and a firmer twist base!

BalmShot not only provides SPF 15 protection to help prevent sunburn, but it comes in a shotgun shell dispenser making it unique and less messy, but still easy to use.

The BalmShot crew is not only dedicated to preventing sunburned lips, but they also donate to a lot of charities in Idaho and other Western states.  They also annually sponsor Shoot for a Cure to fight breast cancer, and use the proceeds from the sale of every Pure Pink and Pink Camo BalmShot to donate to the Mountain States Tumor Institute to help needy women pay for mamograms, biopsies and breast cancer treatments. They also work with the Deseret Industries organization as part of a job sharing program. Giving back and helping prevent and catch early signs is important to the BalmShot crew.

Check out all of BalmShots products here, find a list of retailers here or find a local retailer here!

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