Battle Sickness with Pfizer Products

Every year my kids get sick. It’s especially bad over the winter and spring and fall months. Right now there’s a horrible sickness going around and of course my kids are germ hoarders and love sharing their sickness and bringing it home from school.

With Pfizer products, I’m prepared for all the sickness! From fever to cold symptoms to congestion and more, we’re ready for day and night time relief with Dimetapp, Advil and Robitussin.

Sleeping comes rather difficult for my sick kiddos. Robitussin gives them some relief for both day and night, helping them sleep with little congestion and lower fever, and make it through the day.

Fevers can be good, but my kids like to overdo it and end up with 104+ fevers. With Advil, I can help control their fever and keep them comfortable.

Dimetapp tastes great and helps reduce the amount of coughing. Addi is especially horrible with her coughing, so having Dimetapp helps so her throat doesn’t hurt after coughing a ton.

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