The Life We Never Expected Book Review + Giveaway

I remember the day life threw us a giant curve ball… “Your son has Sensory Processing Disorder.”

What? Is that something I gave him? What can we do to cure it? What is it?

The Life We Never Expected is about Andrew and Rachel Wilson’s life after it was turned in circles when both of their children were diagnosed with regressive autism. Exploring the depths of feelings, challenges, the truth behind what parents go through, feel, deal with, and the battles they overcome, this book reaches into the soul and opens up a new, hard to imagine world. The Wilsons share personal stories, encouraging and honest ones, rooted in the truth of God’s Word. They discuss lessons they’ve learned, their fights for joy and the trials they endured.

This book not only touched my soul, but it showed me that my feelings, my thoughts, my guilt, my anger, my everything is felt by others out there. All the challenges, the struggles, the happy and the sad and the overwhelming… it’s shared. It’s common. And it’s ok. I’m not alone. God is there to hold our hand through this journey, and He won’t let go. He blessed us with this little boy, and while we have some extra challenges to go with his amazing personality, he’s the greatest gift God could have ever given us.

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